Smart tips to grow

Smart Tips To Grow Your Company Organically

The dream has become a reality. You have started your start up.

But imagine having an increased conversion rate, vast customer base, higher brand awareness, increased offline traffic, and an expanding business without spending a penny.

Isn’t that the real dream you want to be living?

Every business owner wants to enhance their online and offline presence to grow their business. There is no secret formula for growth. However, this goal is neither unachievable nor it depends on luck. All you need is strategic planning, precise execution and some organic business growth examples to achieve what you aim.

Choosing organic growth

Usually, brands opt for the express route when it comes to business growth. They go behind faster results and sometimes in that process, lose their focus on their primary goal.

But there is a pearl of profound wisdom in following the ‘slow and steady’ route. In such juncture, organic growth is a safe and viable option, to begin with.

With organic growth

  • You invest internally to improve and increase your brand’s performance.
  • By investing internally,
    • you increase your output
    • expand your customer base
    • And enhance your creativity. 
  • You increase more value and offer the same to your customers. 
  • Since organic growth is cost efficient, it allows you to grow your business at a comfortable pace.

But what the heck is organic growth?

Organic growth- what the heck is that?

You know us, we love to start everything with statistics.

According to a study conducted by The survival rate for a startup is just 49%.

Trust us; our aim is not to scare you, but to provide you with deeper insights that might come in handy.

For new start-ups, it’s recommended to select an option which offers less risk and is monetarily friendly. Implementing such strategies is commonly termed as Organic growth.

Any strategy that reduces cost and increases sales comes under an organic growth strategy.

Organic growth strategies allow you to enhance your business in your own timeline by

  • Adopting strategies that enable you to find more customers
  • Increasing your output to your current clients
  • Investing more in relationship building activities.
  • Increasing your brand awareness by offering more value to your customers.

To achieve the above goal, our team has come up with some organic business growth suggestions for you to consider.

Your website is your gateway to success.

We live in a digital era. The quality of digital experience you provide will decide the success of your brand. Instead of going behind the technicalities, concentrate on the way you are going to deliver your product/service.

Today’s mobile-first customers expect an experience with every brand that they interact with

To provide a great digital experience, invest in your brand’s website. Here are specific tips that might come in handy:

  • Be creative with your landing page. Provide what your customers want instead of populating it with random content.
  • When it comes to content, concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity.  Consumers only prefer the brand that provides quality content.
  • Instead of creating your site with ‘pomp and fair,’ keep your site simple and easily accessible. Create an impact with the information that you offer.
  • Streamline the latest technology into your site. Use AR/VR to offer your content creatively.

Social Media- the secret recipe to success

Here is a simple fact: If you want to be heard far and wide, then use social media

In today’s digital native customer’s life, social media plays a significant role. It’s one of the most affordable options that are available. To leverage the social media platform’s power here are some tips:

  • First, understand which platforms will work for your brand and plan your social media plan accordingly.
  • Create customer engagement post to increase brand awareness.
  • Use your social media platforms to enhance your customer interaction. This, in the long run, will increase your brand loyalty.
  • For planning your social media strategy consider the following points
    • Decide your brand’s purpose on social media.
    • Decide your intentions first. Whether is it to educate your customers or showcase a new side of your brand or provide an enhanced customer service, etc.
    • Understand your customer’s expectation and provide content accordingly. Do your niche research to achieve exactly what you desire.

The local base is your lifeline

The local community offers rich possibilities for upcoming start-ups.

Here’s why:

  • Through word-of-mouth-marketing, you can expand your customer base exponentially.
  • By investing in your local community, you create long term relationship that could come in handy.
  • Since you are from the locality, you don’t need much market research to understand your customers.
  • Being local, you will know which event to target and how to target those.
  • Through local events, you can turn your potential customers into paying customers.
  • Involving social events with your community increases your brand awareness.
  • The connections you create with your local community can help you create relationship globally.

Having the ‘A-Team’ will put your brand on spotlight

So far, we spoke of suggestions externally. But to move forward with your goals, you need to enhance your brand internally too.

Having the right team is essential to achieve a brand that people aspire to become. So select your team wisely.

Here are some dos and don’ts for you to consider:

  • Don’t go behind certification and degrees. Instead, select team members who are knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Look for the ‘right attitude’ people; one who has the brand’s growth in mind and can work towards it.
  • Be clear with your expectations and your employee’s expectations.
  • Invest in team building activities to boost motivation amongst your employees.
  • Don’t rush your business growth by concentrating on short-development. Aim for long-term achievements.

Starting a business will involve a lot of expenditure and financial concerns to deal with. In such a situation it’s predominant you invest wisely, to prevent bankruptcy. At the same time, you should invest in certain aspects of your business to enable its growth and development. Knowing this balance will allow you to succeed in your industry. 

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