The rising influence of Sales Women in the industry

The rising influence of Sales Women in the industry

 The world told her that she can't come out.
She came out.
She flew the outer space.
The world deemed her that she can't be crowned.
She broke those myths.
She commands armies and battleships.
The world told her that she isn't strong.
She shattered those records.
She rules the ring now.

Now the world is frowning on the idea of women in sales, and it’s high time for them to give a suitable reply. And to justify what’s worth, let’s start with some hard-core facts first.

On hearing the word Sales Professional, the first thing that usually comes to mind would be a pushy Sales Man in a tie. Sales Man, not Sales Woman!

To drive the point further, let’s look at this from a social media perspective. Go to your LinkedIn page and do a ‘people search’ for Sales Professional. How many do you find? How many are women, and how many are men? Well, this simple search also makes the point. 

The truth till today favours men in the sales world. While gender equality has made rounds throughout various industries, its impact on sales is surprisingly low.

  • Only 39% of the total workforce in the sales industry are women
  • Only 19% of women are present in leadership positions in this industry
  • Sales industry stands second in terms of the gender gap.

However, there is still hope. The happy news is that the trends are changing as we speak. Participation of women in this industry has increased by 3% in the past year. We are making slow but steadier impacts, but the titular question is- is it enough?

The answer to this question not only lies in statistics but a more in-depth insight on multiple factors. To gain a better understanding, it’s time we took a look through the lens on factors like

  • Myths surrounding women participation in the sales industry
  • Impacts which only women can bring into the sales industry
  • How women can perform better in the sales industry

Debunking some common myths in the Sales Industry

The main reason for the low penetration of women in the sales industry is the numerous myths surrounding this field. Our team took upon the task of debunking these myths to increase women’s participation in this field.

Men buy from men

This is not true! Maybe during the 60s, this attitude prevailed in sales. However today, people buy from a well-prepared sales professional

  • Who understands the issues and business concerns of their buyers
  • Has in-depth knowledge of their product and services
  • Has the attitude to demonstrate the value and impact of the product/service they sell

Only good-looking women can apply for sales jobs

The basic requirements for a Sales candidate are confidence and competence. Neither their looks nor their gender matter.

Salespeople should be inertly pushy and aggressive which women aren’t

Plainly speaking whom would you rather buy from,

A pushy and aggressive person who is behind numbers?


The one who understands your concerns and showcases the product/service as the solution you are looking?

Maybe pushy and aggressive type of sales could have worked for ‘door-to-door’ selling. However, the industry has evolved and now the industry needs

  • Process driven
  • Strategic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Competent
  • Confident
  • And humble

Sales professionals, which a woman can very well be.

Men can manage stress and work better than women

One of the worst preconceptions that have plagued this industry is this one. To answer this one better, we would like to tell you what the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found out. According to a study conducted by them on how genders face stress, they found out that

  Women handle stress better than men due to specific genetic variants present in women. 

The impact which only women can bring into the sales industry

Having debunked some of the most common myths in the sales industry, let’s take a look at the unique plus points which women bring to the table.

  • Study proves that gender diversity can increase your quarterly financial returns by 15%.
  • Investing in women increases company diversity resulting in better brand recognition
  • Women have better intuition and empathetic skills when compared to men. This makes them a better candidate who can emotionally connect with their customers.
  • Women can appeal better with customers. Hence a substantial female presence in your sales team can increase your marketability and usability.

The points discussed so makes the case- A Gender diverse team is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do.

Ready to challenge the game! Tips for women in Sales

It’s high time, women gave a befitting reply to all the stereotypes and misconception that is preventing their participation in the Sales industry. To all those revolutionary young minds pondering on future opportunities in Sales, here are a few tips.

  • First and foremost, never forget that your talent, not your gender matters.
  • To be a better salesperson, be a better listener first. Listen to your customer’s problems and provide your service/product as the solution.
  • Brand yourself in a way you want. Be confident about your offering if you don’t believe in it neither will the customer.
  • Build strong relationships. Never approach a client only to make a sale, instead contact them with the intent of building a strong relationship with them. Networking is the best asset a salesperson could ask for.
  • Always follow the trend. Stretch your knowledge by developing skills that could make you a better executive. Create an environment where you can experiment with fresh approaches that challenges you both personally and professionally.
  • Enable yourself with skills and knowledge that makes you a unique asset to your company and clients.

Sales are not just about closing deals, increasing conversions, or making a profit. It is an intuitive journey that requires incredible communication and relationship-building skills, internally and externally. It’s the mind-set that makes you a better sales person and not your gender. 


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