‘If you’re worried about managing your social presence along with your business goals, SureThinks can take that brunt away from you.’


Social media has been a driving force for customer-centric business ever since its inception. And to connect with your customers and prospects, it is essential to be where they hang out the most, i.e., on their social channels.

As a social media marketing agency, SureThinks provides a unified social media strategy not just to keep you afloat the social boat, but to tread on new goals and chase growth on your social platforms.

When brands first start on social media, they do not have enough resources and guidance for building an engaged online community. SureThinks bridges this gap, with its varied social media growth services.

Our primary SMM services include:

1) Creation of long term social strategy

Only posting content on social media without a well-planned social strategy is like throwing darts in darkness. We build your social strategy by studying your existing (and prospective target audiences), analyzing your competitor’s efforts on social media, and industry trends in general.

We align our findings and map out your goals, and build a specific timeframe over which we plan to achieve your social media goals. 

2) Brand recognition and awareness

We get your brand the attention it deserves. We look for people who are interested in what you sell. We build your presence over the top social media sites, concentrating primarily on the ones which work for your brand.

3) Social media content and design

To attract audiences and increase engagement amongst your followers, you must post content that resonates with them. For likes, retweets, shares, and comments, you should populate your social media feeds with top-notch content that is helpful.

SureThinks, as an SMM marketing agency, with its team of designers, social media managers, and copywriters, builds share-worthy content that audiences will love. 

4) Planning social media campaigns: Paid and unpaid

We plan your social campaigns, both organic and paid. We strategize organic campaigns around your existing audiences and employ a paid campaign to attract new audiences and future customers. 

5) Social planners and schedules

Posting on social media can be a bit of a tedious task, especially when you do it regularly. We create special social planners and calendars, marking essential occasions. These schedulers ensure a variety of posting styles so that your social feed does not become too redundant and remains interesting for audiences. 

6) Tracking and analysis of Social Metrics

We track each social metric to ensure that our social media efforts are paying off. We also prepare advanced analytics reports to ensure that your social channels are continuously growing and contributing to your end goals. 

7) Social media advertising services

With advanced targeting capabilities, social media advertising has a higher conversion rate than many other advertisement mediums. We utilize this platform to realize your latent social media goals- be it app downloads, sales, awareness, or website visits; through carefully planned and executed paid campaigns. 

8) Influencer Connect

We get you in touch with the top influencers in your niche and industry who will bring together a sea of potential followers and customers for your brand. 

9) Giveaways and promotions

We organize giveaways and promotions on your social channels with various aims: from increasing followers, to create awareness, these competitions are a sure-shot way of getting positive attention and reaching new people. 

10) Lead generation through social channels

Sales and conversions are every brand’s ultimate goal. Through our social media strategy, we unify our efforts into ensuring that every follower is a prospective customer. We build lead generation forms and campaigns regularly to get you paying clients and generate more business through your social channels.

From overall brand recognition to increased sales and revenue, we focus on making your online presence a roadmap to achieving your social media marketing goals.

Are you ready for the same?