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Is Data driven creative the next big thing in marketing?

In this competitive age, marketers throng for a scalable edge over their competitors. Are you that next age marketer who would want to capitalize on the intersect between

  • Programmatic buying
  • Audience targeting
  • And dynamic creative?

If yes, then you are at the right place for answers.

Gone are the days when creativity used to be a nebulous concept. Back then, marketers used to spend hours coming up with innovative ideas that created a permanent mark. Those days, the creative space in which a brand scored over its competitors and stood apart, used to be less crowded. Thanks to present-day tools and marketing tricks, this space is now overflowing.

The good news is that there is a solution to recreate the same magic of data-driven creative. This futuristic tool creates cutting edge marketing and creative solutions through real data. With real data and clear goals, creativity couldn’t get any easier.

For those who are wondering what is data-driven creative, let’s get that sorted first.

First, what is data-driven creative?

"This article will change two out of five marketer’s life"

Irrespective of your niche the above sentence would have caught your attention. The line may or may not be correct. It still caught your attention due to the unique appeal which data holds. This, in a nutshell, is what data-driven creative is about.

Data-driven creative uses fascinating facts to tell a creative and head-turning marketing campaign.

For marketers the possibilities for data driven creative are infinite. It’s this power of data and the appeal that facts carry which makes data-driven creative more alluring for marketers.

Still, why data-driven creative?

To the unconvinced and sceptical minds, here is a situation for you to consider.

Imagine your brand is launching a new and revolutionary service or product in the market. To promote it, you might design a creative based on the strength and advantages that your product brings to the table. Still, your customers would be wary of trusting your new product due to its credibility concerns. To overcome this setback, you might engage in brand promotion and advocacy programs. After some time, your customers will start trusting your product/service.

Now for the same product, you create a creative solution based on real data with a personal touch. This data-driven creative can be anything from explainer videos to blog articles and whitepapers. Customers will trust this creative data solution over your normal one due to its

  • Credibility
  • relevance factor
  • and personalization

The result will be

  • an increase in brand awareness
  • increase in lead generation
  • increase in customer interaction

And this is possible only because:

  • Creative becomes more meaningful when they are
    • real
    • memorable
    • impactful
    • and has a personal connection with the customers.
  • Creative with statistics will move the customers both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Data-driven creative brings your customer’s expectation also into the picture.

Employing data-driven creative solutions

The above scenario would have fastened your data driven creative plans. But hold your horses! There are still some considerations to think over first. While data-driven creative creates a great impression, implementing it could be tricky sometimes. Here are some useful tips that could come in handy.

Using relevant creative to capture the attention

Today’s mobile-first customers expect relevant, real, and helpful data from their brands during their time of need. Hence to cater to this need, design dynamic and contextual creative that will help in its effective execution.

The power of brand awareness

The second important lesson to keep in mind is the power of your brand awareness. First ensure that you integrate relevant content that promotes your brand’s awareness in your data driven creative. To achieve this, identify your strategic communication points that

  • could improve your brand awareness
  • and are also easy to scale

Reinforce your messages so that it stays on your customer’s mind

With today’s cluttered advertising world, relevant creative alone won’t do the trick. Serving the creatives several times creates an everlasting impression amongst your customers. Yet, we can’t use the same creative over and over again. Hence to enhance the user experience, one has to use different formats of the same creative to reinforce the campaign’s message.

The future of data-driven creative

With data being the next oil, data-driven creative holds the wheel to a futuristic revolution.

“The future of data-driven creativity lies in innovative ways which facilitates the creative process and fosters creative collaboration”

The future of data-driven creative, have not only data-driven marketing as its primary interest but also other ventures.

  • Any problem that needs data’s intervention, data-driven creative will play a significant role.
  • With data freeing the creative minds from repetitive tasks, data-driven creative will become the driving force for generative designs, communication, and collaboration.
  • With measurable data-driven creative, man-machine partnership will propel human creativity to new heights. Such creative data solutions will have not only human empathy and intuition, but also the analytical abilities of data systems and algorithms.

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