Micro surveys

How do micro surveys help in generating the right leads?

First a simple question- what prompted you to click on this post?

You may be able to answer this question now. But, if we ask the same question a week later, you might wonder what post? Because by then, this question might become redundant. This, right here is what micro leads and micro surveys are all about.

Any marketer will understand that customer’s feedback is vital for a successful survey lead generation. Study proves a short and interactive survey generates 2x more conversion than long-surveys. Hence micro surveys can be your next big ticket by providing critical data about

  • Your prospects biggest pain points.
  • Content that brings in the result.
  • Reasons that might affect their purchase decision.
  • Factors that might impact customer retention and loyalty, and much more.

But before delving further, let’s first understand what a micro survey is.

What are Micro surveys?

Coming back to the initial question, you were able to answer it as it was

  1. Relevant and simple
  2. Asked at the right moment
  3. Was short and to the point

Microsurveys should be that way. Microsurveys are

  1. Quick to answer
  2. Timed perfectly
  3. and are precise questions

Asked to collect certain critical online data about your customers. These surveys are usually embedded either in your mail, website, or mobile apps.

Why micro surveys?

A good brand is the one that puts their customer first. Any marketer would love to have tools that provides them valuable customer feedback and contact database. When compared to long surveys, Micro surveys brings the best bet to the table because

  1. It increases the number of visitors to your survey, as it not time consuming.
  2. Reduces attention span risks and survey fatigues
  3. It takes less effort to deploy
  4. Due to its instant feedback, the data generated is available for immediate use.

Microsurveys as a lead generation tool

  1. 68% of brands report struggling with lead generation problems
  2. 60% of marketers find generating high leads as their top-most concern.
  3. 79% of leads generated never convert into sales
  4. 96% of website leads never purchase, and only 3% gets converted into sales

While these statistics might make you anxious, there is some good news too! Lead generation survey questions can aid in changing these numbers drastically. How? Here’s how.

Surveys are the best platform to file a database about customer behaviour and feedback. These feedback helps in enhancing your brand image through

  1. Customer experience
  2. Website interaction
  3. Website design and performance
  4. Customer interaction and much more.

But, people are busy and will not take part in long surveys. Customers expect you to respect their time. Through microsurveys, you receive customer feedback in a way that respects their expectations.

Some ways of implementing micro-surveys for lead generation are

Defining a clear value proposition.

A value proposition that meets the need of the customers is vital for lead generation. Hence it’s a must that you understand your customer’s motivation. Realizing those motivations will drive traffic to your business. Microsurveys can save your day! It collects data that sheds better light into your client’s expectations.

Creating relevant content.

Content is the king. This will never change. Yet, only those content that is relevant can create the mark you expect. Using micro surveys, you can understand the nature of content your customers like. This way you can enhance the content experience and end up scoring several leads too.

Collecting customer feedback to create meaningful data.

Customer’s feedback are the guiding factors for brands

  • to expand further
  • to understand their current standing
  • and for other future endeavours.

Microsurveys answers the above concerns when targeted and timed correctly.

Optimizing your web design.

A study shows that customers trust an online brand based on their website experience. Micro surveys can monitor customer experience on all your online platform. It can be strategically asked during particular pain points of your customer online journey. This data can save you a lot of marketing efforts too. Anne Frank’s museum tried a test run with micro surveys to enhance their lead generation. The results were surprising. Not only did they achieve a 2x increase in conversion rate, they also used that data for future marketing.

Creative ways of implementing microsurveys

By now, you would have understood the significance of microsurveys as a lead generation tool. However, for your micro surveys to succeed it depends on how you implement it. Just like any other marketing tool, micro surveys also require specific creative tweaks from your side.

Here are some creative ways of employing micro surveys for lead generation

  • Employing a micro survey as a testimonial tool
  • Using micro surveys to get critical insights on customer behaviour
  • Paring micro surveys with your landing page to get visitors into your sales funnel
  • Using micro surveys to analyse your target niche for trending content
  • Using micro surveys as an analysis tool to find problems with your site
  • Employing micro surveys to analyse the reason behind the low conversion rate, cart abandonment, etc.

Clearly Lead generation remains to be the most significant pain point for businesses. Hence it is critical to turn your marketing funnel around accordingly. Using micro surveys, you can achieve this by listening to what your customers have to say about

  • Your brand
  • Your services
  • How you address their issues
  • How you track customer pain-points and enhance customer experience
  • How you improve your strong points and much more.

By putting this knowledge into practice, you can successfully multiply your leads manifold. And which brand wouldn’t want that?

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