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Finding a passive candidate with skills that are highly valued is even more difficult. If you’re looking for candidates that complement your business goals, the chances are that you already know the struggle. The broken contact links and inappropriate information are only making it worse at your end. But what do you do to get hold of the top candidates? How do you hire the best for your company?

The search for talent can drain you out, but it is still essential for the recruitment process. We at SureThinks understand the struggle caused by flat contact lists and hence, build a pipeline to help you overcome that. Not only that, we dig into millions of potential candidates and map you to them too. There’s a lot that we do to get you the best hire, here’s how we do it:

We help you meet your perfect passive candidate

The right candidate is out somewhere unaware of your existence. The biggest issue that your company's recruiters face is direct access to the perfect talent. We at SureThinks provide our clients with direct phone numbers and verified email addresses of the potential candidate. We also provide access to technical responsibilities and location data for you to contact the candidate directly. Every data in our list is manually verified and hence increases the recruitment ease by a fair percentage.

We discover the skillsets that match your vacancies

While mapping your company's needs with the potential candidate, names and numbers stand factual to us. We instead believe in conducting thorough research and pointing out deeper insights to the candidature. Our data research includes the technicalities of roles and job titles. It also includes charts of the organizations that can be searched to find the possible candidate out of it. Not only that, but we also cater to information about the technologies that your prospect hire are using right now. This further enables you to quickly track candidates that are a perfect match for the technical skills you require.

We do not let you miss out on any opportunity

It's quite possible that the best candidate that you're looking for might not be looking for a job. In such cases, it's always the timing that matters. Recruiters are always on the lookout for the best time to call a probable hire. We make sure you don't miss out on the same. At SureThinks, we offer automatic alerts in case of any personnel change at your target's end. Changes like promotions, layoffs and other company events are also recorded for you to find the right opportunity. We also let you beat other recruiters by helping you reach out first.

We help you grow your recruiting pipeline

The major drawback of most of the recruiters is that they do not have researched data to rely on. The reason why at the time of recruitment, it becomes really difficult to get the right quality. SureThinks considers this as a major issue and offers a pipeline of leads that can be your best hires. Our researched data not only help you during your search but also helps you grow the candidate list at your end. Thus, ensuring long-term success for recruiting.

The end goal is to seek value so that you can add some to your company. While it is essential to take the right decision, it is challenging to reach the decision too. But with SureThinks, you can sit at ease while you take up the task and guarantee yourself the best hire too.