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SureThinks offers its PPC marketing services for businesses looking to get above and beyond the organic search results. Find dedicated customers with an actual buying intent, with PPC advertising.

We manage your PPC campaigns to get you a highly qualified audience, interested in your products and services. We target relevant keywords with adequate search volume to keep your campaigns cost-effective.

A pay per click campaign is a sure shot way to increase your website traffic. Search engines like Google and Bing are valuable to grow your business, as they provide visibility to even small businesses. PPC puts your business at the forefront. By bidding for keywords associated with your business, you are taking your business to audiences interested to purchase what you offer.

PPC management requires a great deal of time and effort. Expert analysts keep themselves abreast of the latest updates and developments in Search engine algorithms. We take upon us to free you from this burden and manage your Adwords accounts.

We monitor these accounts daily and keep an assertive eye out for changing bid prices and budgets, to ensure that the pay per click campaign management pays off and you get maximum ROI.

Our 7 step PPC management process includes:

  • Understanding client requirements and strategizing

    Before setting up a campaign for you, we need to understand your brand, its values, and what exactly you wish to promote using this PPC campaign. We sit with you to evaluate your requirements and build a strategy based on that.

  • Keywords Analysis and Research

    We look for relevant keywords that have moderate to high search volume and make a list of all the long tail and short tail keywords that we can target. We compare the bid prices on top-performing search terms, to know precisely where to spend your AdWords budget.

  • Creating your ad for PPC

    Once the keywords are selected, we get down to building your campaign. We populate your ad with necessary meta descriptions and titles, filling it with the chosen keywords.

  • Setting up the campaign

    We optimize your account and adjust your ad spend so that it can align with your paid search goals. We analyze search volumes and current bids to decide which keywords to target. We focus on maximizing ROI through each keyword.

  • Setting up the Landing page

    We create compelling, relevant landing pages for you to score maximum conversions.

  • Monitoring and reporting

    We carefully track the performance of each of your campaigns and record it. We make the necessary changes if a campaign is not responding well. At the end of the campaigns, we send you a performance report.

SureThinks, a premier PPC agency, understands the requirements of your business and aligns the same into its PPC strategies. Get in touch with us to roll out your plan today!