Outbound Sales

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning an Outbound Sales Activity.

Do you use outbound sales techniques? How successful are these techniques? How can you convert leads into sales with outbound sales strategies? What all should you keep in mind when making outbound calls or mailing the potential clients?

If these questions are a major concern for you, worry not, for we’ve them covered.

Outbound sales- the meaning

Outbound sales is the initiation of customer engagement from the sales team. In the simplest term, outbound is reaching real people. Every individual related to sales aims to have an excellent grip on sales.

Outbound sales method is a traditional method of converting leads. In this method, the sales reps call and send emails to their clients and prospects, both existing and new.

Outbound sales strategies and what not to do for effective implementation of them:

“Great things are done by a series of small things done together.”- Vincent Van Gogh

It would be helpful for you to know which sales mistakes to avoid while doing outbound. Whether you are already in outbound sales or are trying to use it any time sooner.

• Identifying the right prospects

It is crucial to identify and target the right prospect before you reach out to them. Remember that accurate targeting is the foundation of effective outbound sales techniques.

It would be helpful if the sales team defines proper criteria as whom to target and whom not to. Many a time the efforts of the sales reps go into vain because they have to interact with the wrong prospects. More than 40% of salespeople find prospecting the most challenging task.

The easiest way to avoid such situations and loss of time would be to research. Once you have their specifics, for example, industry type, company size, etc. you can decide how to proceed further.

• Follow up

Why is following up important?

One reason why you are unable to make most out of outbound sales is you are easily giving up. The primary thing about outbound techniques is reaching out to people. And this also includes regular follow-ups.

-as per reports, 44% sales reps are to give up after one follow up.

-whereas 80% sales need at least 5 follow up calls or emails after the initial interaction.

Often Lack of following up has led to failure in qualifying leads. If you are providing your prospects with a call-to-action option, it again is vital to respond to it.

-as per a report, testing the response time of 433 companies. Only 7% of responded within the first 5 minutes after form submission. More than half didn’t respond within five business day.

-in an analysis of more than 2,200 American companies those who tried reaching leads within an hour were seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision makers, than those who waited even 60 minutes.

Hence following up your clients can materialize the connection into possible deals.

• Proper training to the sales team

The common mistake every company overlooks is not trying to upgrade the skills of the sales team. Hiring the right person is very important. But training and educating your sales team from time is equally important.

-as per statistics, 55% of the people are making their living in sales. But they don’t have the right skills to succeed in their endeavours.

-as per research, a company spends $10k to $15k hiring individuals and only $2k a year in sales training.

-research has also shown that the right training can enhance 50% higher net sales per employee.

Why to provide training to the sales reps?

You should keep in mind that the technique which worked three months ago might not work in the same manner next time. Thus devising new strategies is a must. And hence, you must arrange for periodical training to enhance the skill of your team as a whole.

• Tailored and personalized messages

Sending generic messages to your prospects is nothing less than a blunder. A poor messaging pattern affects a lot on how your clients respond to you. It is wise to segment your audience and send messages to the specific leads as per their need. A touch of personalization can always bring you to the forefront of the competition.

Remember your prospects will always have options to select from. Your message would be more compelling if you know whom you are sending it too. It is crucial to tailor your message as per the subject line. Only the right subject matter can compel the client to open and read the message. 

As per research that social personalized messages improve conversions by 10%. Also keep in mind to not only provide information but also ask info from them. This further opens up a channel to a two-way communication.

Outbound sales can be beneficial for your company’s growth if you put in a little more effort in planning. Most companies and sales reps overlook the minor mistakes, which costs great deals.

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